DIY Chimney Mistakes

DIY Chimney Mistakes

Don’t Take DIY To Mean “Easy”

Doing something yourself can provide a great sense of satisfaction, especially when it saves you money on projects around your home. When it comes to chimneys, there are some things that are great DIY projects such as minor repairs to the brick, installing new fireplace doors, and basic chimney maintenance. Other things are probably best in the hands of an expert who deals with chimneys for a living. Have you attempted or are thinking about attempting some chimney projects yourself? Read on for some common DIY chimney mistakes that people make:

Mistake #1 – Skipping your Chimney Inspection

Even if you’re the hardiest of DIYers, before you tackle any chimney project, it’s a good idea to have your chimney thoroughly inspected by a CSIA certified professional sweep. Without an inspection you may be covering up existing problems that you may not even be aware of. It’s better to be safe than sorry, get the inspection! If you live in New York, North American Gutter and Chimney is located in both New York City and Bay Shore areas.

Mistake #2 – Not cleaning your chimney

Annual chimney cleanings are just as important as the inspections. Maybe you just didn’t get around to it. Perhaps you figure that the sweep logs you use are plenty to keep your chimney clean. Or maybe you don’t think that your chimney needs cleaning that often. Honestly, your chimney needs cleaning before you light that first roaring fire of the season. Creosote, the black slippery substance that you see inside your chimney, is highly flammable and is a major source of chimney fires annually. If your chimney has a layer of creosote more than a ¼ inch thick, don’t light your fire. Instead call in a CSIA Chimney Expert like the professionals at North American Chimney and Gutter in Harrisburg and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is one task that’s best left to the professionals.

Mistake #3 – Installing chimney parts that you’re unfamiliar with

It seems so simple-you light the fire and everything just falls into place. So how hard can it be to put in a damper or put on a chimney cap? Harder than you think. When it comes to your family’s safety, don’t simply assume that you can guess your way through installing such important things. Find someone who is familiar with the process to help you, or call in a chimney expert. Doing DIY in the Boston area? North American Chimney and Gutter can help with locations in Boston and in West Borough!

Mistake #4 – Doing a sloppy job

For whatever reason, home improvement projects tend to get rushed along. When dealing with your chimney and fireplace, take your time. Cut once, measure twice. Sloppiness can lead to more problems down the line!

The moral of the story? DIY is good, but best practices would be to contact North American Chimney and Gutter today to help you decide what you can DIY and what is better left to the chimney professionals!