Gutter Services

Gutter Services

Reasons You Need to Protect Your Gutter System

Protect your Home from Water, Mildew, Mold and Other Damage.

The average 1500 sq ft roof sheds 1000 gallons for every inch of rain so your gutter systems needs to be able to handle a lot of water. Keep gutters clean and flowing, it is smart to hire a professional rather than doing it yourself on a ladder which can be dangerous and lead to serious injury.

Protect your Exterior Paint, Siding and Foundation from Costly Deterioration.

Debris accumulate in gutter and destroy pitch, meaning the water does not flow ‘downhill’ to the downspout. Compare gutter maintenance to car maintenance — if you maintain your gutters, your home will last longer, as your car will if you change the oil often.

A Failure to Maintain your Gutter System Can Result in a Flooded Basement, Leaking Roof, Cracked Foundation, Rotted Wood Trim and More.

To go along with good gutter maintenance, make sure your foundation is properly sloped away from the house – you don’t need standing water near your foundation. Aluminum gutters can be expected to last 20 – 30 years, depending on proper maintenance. Copper lasts 50 years with good maintenance. Galvanized steel lasts 20 years or less – depending on maintenance. Accumulated Debris (usually leaves and twigs) in Gutter is a Fire Hazard and also a Breeding Ground for Mold. Avoid damaging your gutters, don’t lean ladder against gutter. Be aware of ice accumulation; birds and other animals/insects, clogged and overflowing gutters, and storm and tree damage.

Reparations and Testing

Upon repairing your gutters, (and soffit, and fascia board if needed) we conduct a drip test and water flow test to insure your gutters are functioning properly. Finally we can install a leaf guard to prevent gutter blockages that can cause water to build up, and eventually lead to water penetration which will rot the soffit and fascia board.

Roof Soffit & Fascia Board

A roof soffit is the board that bridges the gap between a homes siding and its roof line. It is located under the fascia board which holds the gutters against the house. Extreme weather such as heavy snow and ice, or wind, can cause the roof drip edge to become damaged and/or can cause the gutter to separate from the home. This is a common occurrence in households and is fairly easy to resolve. However, if the gutter is left in this condition it can lead to much more extensive damage over time. The roof drip edge directs water from the roof into the gutters and if it is not operating properly, then it is likely that continued rain will rot the fascia board and eventually the soffit. Prolonged water penetration can erode the soil and stain the siding. If water is allowed to build up near the foundation of the house then it is only a matter of time before it finds its way in.

Holes in Gutter

A second way your soffit could become damaged is due to animals nesting in the soffit.  Squirrels, birds, and raccoons may seek out a home and add to the destruction especially if the area has already seen water damage.  Replacing your soffit may be your answer; however it is important to make sure you identify the root of the problem. Holes in your gutter caused by rust, falling objects, tools, or corrosion can cause tiny leakages that may be hard to spot by the untrained eye.  If these issues go unnoticed then replacing a soffit will only be a temporary fix until the next rain storm wears away at it.  Over time your gutters will pull away from the soffit and will lead to water penetrating the interior of the house.

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