When Insects Infest: How to Keep Your Chimney Bug Free

When Insects Infest: How to Keep Your Chimney Bug Free


As the dog days of summer come to a close, you may have noticed some unwelcome guests have joined your household: Insects! Don’t despair, there are some simple steps you can take to be sure that you don’t have an insect invasion in your chimney any time soon.

Ensuring that you have minimal ways for insects to enter your chimney will help keep bugs away. There are four things you can do:

  1. Close the flue-One common mistake many homeowners make is not closing the flue when there’s no fire going. This is an open invitation for bugs to come visit!
  2. Repairs-Fixing cracks around your chimney will lessen places for critters to crawl in.
  3. Check your chimney cap-Installing a chimney cap or replacing a faulty one can also help keep pests out.
  4. Install a door-A fireplace door can be another way to eliminate another entry point for bugs.

Did you know that where and how you store your wood can make a huge difference?

  1. Keep it outside and away from the home, and store it off the ground to keep it dry.
  2. When it comes time to burn your wood, only take what you’re planning on burning right away into the house. Take the oldest wood first and inspect it for insects that may be trying to hitch a ride into your fireplace.

But what if you already have insects lurking in your chimney? Don’t try to get rid of them yourself. Call in an exterminator to take care of it. Once the bugs have been removed, having a CSIA certified chimney professional sweep and inspect your chimney will reduce the possibility of another infestation.

Taking the time to check things over and keeping your chimney and fireplace well maintained are important steps to make sure that you’re not plagued by insects throughout the burning season!